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ESCU Association stands for Education, Society, Culture and Humanity.
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Education, Society, Culture, Humanity.
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Education, Society, Culture, Humanity.

Open Your Culture: The Embassies Festival 01-05 September 2015

The Embassies Festival will be the first initiative of this kind on the Romanian cultural landscape. The festival aims to be realized through a series of events and exhibitions that will promote the culture & art of different countries with diplomatic missions in Romania. The festival will become a landmark on the diplomatic community, together with the launch of the embassies special magazine, BUCHAREST TIME, which will be an eclectic resource of information on the Embassies Life, the business and cultural network, the city agenda and a networking mirror between the diplomatic activity in Romania and the general public.

In the present context, where all eyes are naturally, on the political and economic cooperation, we feel an increasingly need for a complex and structured project that aims at cultural cohesion, proposing a strong discourse showed as an imaginary journey through the Earth’s authentic cultural diversity.

The Embassies Festival is an initiative that arose from a natural motivation to transform Bucharest into a multicultural capital and from the desire to develop the knowledge, tolerance, education and interaction level of Romanian public with regards to the specific manifestations of different cultures which are represented in Romania by the embassies and the expat communities.


For 4 days, through a series of events and exhibitions, held in 3 different locations, Bucharest will become the colorful host of multiculturalism, diversity, contemporary artistic manifestos, dance, music, food, artisanal art and theatre.

More than 50 embassies representing 6 continents will have the opportunity to open their doors to Romanian visitors and residents. Visitors will travel around the world through their own city and Bucharest will become an azimuth of cultural tourism, helping to revive the local cultural economy.

Throughout the 4 days, cultural and arts organizations will have the opportunity to present internationally themed programming—ranging from traditional to contemporary, from swinging music to scholarly pursuits, from classical to experimental, from artisanal to urban cool and street performances. It will be an opportunity to develop the field of cultural tourism in Bucharest, including international programs and events that will add a signature to the city. The festival will operate as an abundant and diverse exhibition of arts and entertainment, including debates on international culture and policies that will capitalize the foreign diplomatic relations with the Romanian public.

It is an interdisciplinary project focusing on the following artistic areas: visual arts (painting, graphics, sculpture, photography and film), music, dance, fashion and product design, urban culture, theatre, artisanal, specific and traditional food & drink.

Exhibitions will be organized during the week 01-05 September 2015, in 3 different locations after the following concepts:

Currently there are 204 sovereign countries globally recognized. 91 of them have diplomatic missions in Bucharest. Also, Bucharest hosts 8 foreign cultural centers and the city is being the country’s center for some of the most important international organizations.

More details soon…

The Launch of the Embassies Magazine: BUCHAREST TIME

BUCHAREST TIME Magazine will be launched at the official opening and will contain information about the artists featured as well as sponsors, partners and collaborators who were involved in the event. The embassies magazine will be designed for the modern diplomat – a responsive resource to their demands for fast, accurate intelligence, networking opportunities and a place to share best practices.

• The magazine will provide a specialized news digest of diplomatic activity in Bucharest, covering all diplomatic disciplines by maintaining a close relationship to all diplomatic missions and their followers. BUCHAREST TIME Magazine will act as the central window of essential information about all Bucharest’ Embassies and their activity in Romania,

• The main categories and editorials: business & leisure travel, diplomatic life and practices, geopolitics, style & culture, arts, history, architecture & design and a series of interviews with interesting people from the diplomatic staff and designated people from various fields that act as cultural representatives.

• The magazine will appear quarterly in full color format, dimension of 270 X 230 mm, 96+4 Pages, bilingual (Romanian + English) in an edition of 5.000 copies. The magazine will be distributed for free in: business centers, Old Town venues, all embassies premises, 4 and 5 stars Hotels from Bucharest, at the National Henri Coanda Airport, during cultural and touristic festivals and events.