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ESCU Association stands for Education, Society, Culture and Humanity.
Registration No.: 195/PJ/2005
Fiscal Code: 18049465

50th, General Culcer Ioan street, district 6, Bucharest
Phone: +4 0721 084 786
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Education, Society, Culture, Humanity.
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Education, Society, Culture, Humanity.


ESCU Association acts a link between Eastern European countries, which are still in their development stage, needing support and guidance to a visible progress, and the Western European countries that have the desire and means to implement development projects. With the support of institutional partners and the private sector, ESCU Association focuses its efforts to carry out projects in the cultural, social and humanitarian fields. Our goal, as stated in the organization statute, stands for "improving the quality of life and the human condition", our work is primarily based on the principles of beneficence and charity.

ESCU’s mission is to enable the human potential, the restoration of dignity and to support Romanian and global talent and cultural values. Our organization organizes lobbying on various topics: poverty, corruption, injustice, human rights, improving the quality of education, democratization and developing the health and medical care system. ESCU Association’s resources depend entirely on donations and sponsorships received. For this reason, any material support is warmly welcomed. Contact as for any needed information.