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ESCU Association stands for Education, Society, Culture and Humanity.
Registration No.: 195/PJ/2005
Fiscal Code: 18049465

50th, General Culcer Ioan street, district 6, Bucharest
Phone: +4 0721 084 786
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Education, Society, Culture, Humanity.
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Education, Society, Culture, Humanity.


ESCU Association stands for Education, Society, Culture and Humanitarian.

We are a non-governmental, independent, non-profit organization, with the main objective to improve the cultural and educational development of the civil society in Romania. We have a long history of cultural and social projects, which goes back since 2005. The Association aims to promote multiculturalism, intercultural dialogue, to increase the level of tolerance and education, fostering volunteering activities, by inspiring a community spirit in the environments that are involved. ESCU’s mission is to enable the human potential, the restoration of dignity and to support Romanian and global talent and cultural values.

Our traditional partners are: Romanian Cinematic Union, The Ministry of Education and Health, The National Museum of Romanian Literature, Romanian Broadcasting Society, Humanitas Publishing, Cartea Romaneasca Publishing and so on.